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Motor graders are important tools for several different types of work. In general, graders help to create a smooth surface, whether that's creating a fine grade or just leveling out some soil. They're a critical tool in many construction, mining, and landscaping applications, but you can also find them used in snow and debris removal as well as earthmoving.

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All of our motor graders for sale maintain the high performance and long-lasting builds of Caterpillar. Our models for sale include the following:

  • 14 (14M3): The 14M3 model of Cat® motor graders offers improved performance and fuel efficiency with an array of options, like Stable Blade and Auto Articulation, to help you fit the machine to your precise application. Extensive features for safety and user comfort make this Cat motor grader reliable and easy to use.
  • 140 (12M3): Caterpillar's 140 model offers optional all-wheel drive (AWD) and best-in-class performance optimization. It boasts some of the latest technology in emissions control as well as unmatched visibility. Its typical operating weight averages at 42,647 pounds and is powered by the Cat C9.3 engine for Tier 4 emissions standards.
  • 150 (140M3): The Cat 150 Motor Grader is similar to the 140, with technologies in place to reduce the operator load and improve performance and efficiency. The typical AWD Cat 150 weighs almost 46,000 pounds, with a Cat C9.3 engine and a 12-foot wide moldboard.
  • 16 (16M3): Intense mining operations and haul road development and maintenance require capable, reliable equipment. The Cat 16 can answer the call. This fuel-efficient machine offers exceptional performance, ease of use, and plenty of safety features.
  • 160 (160M3): The 160 model offers extensive fuel savings with its efficient design, along with several safety features, like Operator Not Present Monitoring and a hydraulic lockout. With an AWD option, advanced hydraulics controls, and a powerful C9.3 engine, this machine is ready for whatever you throw at it.
  • 18 (18M3): With its wide moldboard and advanced technology for easier and improved operation, the Cat 18 Motor Grader is perfect for mining work. You can maximize productivity while reducing owning and operating costs with this outfitted machine.
  • 24: The Cat 24 Motor Grader is a powerful tool for wide-haul roads and mining applications. Like the 18, it offers exceptionally low operating costs and fuel efficiency without sacrificing the power of its 535-horsepower engine and 24-foot moldboard. It also comes with a variety of advanced safety features and tools for working at high altitudes with the working-at-heights package.

Whatever your work entails, we've got a motor grader for sale that can help. Our new Cat motor graders can help you find a wide array of benefits with industry-leading advances in efficiency, fuel savings, safety and more. Plus, each one is built tough, with all the reliability and durability you can expect from Caterpillar.

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