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Finding the right pipelayer is crucial to ensuring your team completes its work efficiently. Cat® pipelayers are some of the best in the business. As a Cat dealer serving Alabama and northwest Florida, Thompson Tractor can help you find the model that works best for your pipelaying jobs.

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Models of Pipelayers for Sale

At Thompson Tractor, we offer multiple pipelayer models to meet all of your requirements. Review our Cat pipelayer specs to determine which unit best fits your needs:

  • PL87 Pipelayer: This pipelayer has a Cat C15 engine and a flywheel power rating of 319 horsepower. The lift capacity goes up to 216,000 pounds for this model.
  • PL83 Pipelayer: The PL83 Pipelayer is another powerful machine with a Cat C15 engine. Its lift capacity goes up to 170,000 pounds, and it has a track gauge of 7.7 feet.
  • PL72 Pipelayer: Armed with a Cat C9.3 engine and flywheel power coming in at 211 horsepower, the PL72 can lift up to 90,000 pounds.
  • PL61 Pipelayer: The PL61 is designed for high performance and efficiency thanks to its Cat C4.4 engine and 130 horses of flywheel power. It has a lift capacity of 40,000 pounds.

Applications of Pipelayers

You will sometimes see pipelayers referred to as side booms, but their applications are the same regardless of the name. Construction workers often use this type of heavy equipment for pipeline installation projects.

Since pipelayers have substantial lift capacities, you can use them to carry and position large pieces of pipe precisely where the project requires them. Generally speaking, most pipeline projects are either for natural gas or oil, but this versatile equipment can also benefit water or sewer line installation.

Pipelayer Features You Can Expect From Caterpillar

The Cat pipelayers we have for sale offer numerous beneficial features no matter what model you choose. Trust Caterpillar for pipelaying equipment with:

  • Advanced powertrain features: Your pipelayer will have components like air filters, electric fuel priming pumps, parking brakes, and turbochargers.
  • Comfortable operating environment: Our models have cab features such as rear cameras, adjustable armrests, dual brake pedals, load moment indicators (LMI), and even storage compartments. You can also get models with eco-mode, rotary throttle switches, footrests, and speed selectors.
  • Enhanced pipelaying components: Your machine's pipelaying mechanics represent one of the most important parts of the equipment. Cat pipelaying machines come with features like extendible, segmented counterweights and electronically activated winches.
  • Safe electrical parts: Our pipelayers have backup alarms, horns, front and rear lights, and machine disconnect switches to promote safety on the work site.
  • Additional standard components: Your pipelayer can come with front bumpers with a towing device, heavy-duty drawbars, and a perforated hood. Some models also have hinged crankcase guards, ecology drains, and lockable engine enclosures.

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At Thompson Tractor, we're an industry leader with local roots, allowing us to understand all of your unique needs. We're also a full-service provider, meaning we can rent, sell, service, repair, and provide other solutions for pipelaying equipment throughout Alabama and northwest Florida.

Our team of professionals looks forward to helping you find the right equipment. Please get in touch with us today if you have questions or would like to request a quote.

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