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Save on equipment and operating costs when you add a new Cat® track loader to your fleet.

Track loaders are both rugged and versatile, capable of handling truck loading, digging, grading, slope work, and land clearing. These machines can perform tough jobs over uneven ground and in tight spaces with ease, meaning your team can work longer, and they'll have better traction. Cat track loaders are fuel-efficient and perform better than other equipment.

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New Cat Track Loaders for Sale

Thompson Tractor Company's selection of Cat track loaders highlights two models: the 953K and 973K. Each piece of equipment in this series has exceptional flotation and traction capabilities over several ground conditions. Where other pieces of heavy equipment pack the ground, these track loaders spread their weight over sizeable areas. By doing so, they maintain low ground pressure even in soft underfoot conditions. You'll be able to work earlier and extend your operational hours with any of these machines.

Cat track loaders have efficient engines that use less fuel than other equipment. Operate in EcoMode to save up to 25% in fuel costs. These machines also have special configurations for industry-specific locations, such as landfills and ship holds.

Each machine in this series has its own specifications and advantages.

Cat 953K Track Loader

This mode is compatible with buckets from the Performance Series, enabling your operators to move up to 10% more material per hour.

The Cat 953K track loader is 10-25% more fuel-efficient than previous models. Its diesel exhaust fluid use comprises 2.5-3% of its total fuel consumption. This model also offers superior fluid efficiency and comes complete with U.S. EPA Tier Four Final/EU Stage Four technology for emissions reduction.

Cat 973K Track Loader

The 973K is the industry's largest track loader. This model has the power and capacity for tough, industry-specific jobs such as those in quarry, forestry, and construction operations. Specialty configurations allow this model to function safely even in less-than-optimal conditions, including unique job sites like steel mills and other facilities. The 973K is also compatible with the Waste Handler package and its features.

The Cat 973K has a quick coupler option that improves its versatility. Easily switch forks, buckets and other equipment to perform an array of tasks.


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Expand your fleet with a Cat track loader and enjoy low operating costs over your equipment's lifetime. When you buy your track loader through a reputable dealer, you'll also enjoy the benefits of an ongoing partnership, including reliable service and support backed by industry expertise.

Thompson Tractor Company is the Cat dealer for Alabama and northwest Florida, and we're proud to have served this region for over 60 years. Contact us online or by phone at 833-394-8059 to learn more about our inventory of Cat track loaders for sale. You can also stop in for a visit at one of our locations — use our online tool to find a Thompson Tractor location near you.

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