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Cat® wheeled excavators solve your need for mobility, power, and speed on your job site. In fact, these machines are among the most versatile pieces of equipment in any crew's fleet. A new Cat wheeled excavator will tackle your industry's toughest challenges while reducing operating costs.

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Cat® Wheeled Excavators for Sale

The Cat F series consists of several wheeled excavators, each with impressive serviceability, innovative technology, and countless applications. Explore seven machines from the F Series:

  • M315F Wheeled ExcavatorThe M315F has a compact radius for maneuvering in tight spaces on your job site. With 150 horsepower, this model reaches a maximum speed of 19 mph. The M315F comes equipped with a Cat C4.4 engine and Twin Turbo.
  • M316F Wheeled ExcavatorThe M316F wheeled excavator has the same horsepower and engine as the M314F, and can achieve a top travel speed of 22 mph. This model is fuel-efficient and has several features that assist your operators, including Cruise Control and couplers for quick attachments.
  • M317F Wheeled ExcavatorLike the M315F, the M317F is perfect for small spaces. It travels job sites full of obstacles like construction or roadwork sites with ease. This machine's smooth movement gives it its precise capabilities.
  • M318F Wheeled ExcavatorRunning on a Cat C7.1 engine, this wheeled excavator has 169 horsepower. Its maximum traveling speed is 22 mph. This model is exceptionally versatile, and it can complete your crew's daily operations while consuming up to 10% less fuel.
  • M320F Wheeled ExcavatorThe Cat M320F Wheeled Excavator comes with the same engine, horsepower, and top traveling speed as the M318F, but provides greater torque and a larger fuel tank for extended operation.
  • M322F Wheeled ExcavatorThe M322F model has a high bucket lift, large capacity, and increased stick force. This machine is compatible with several modes and tools, making it highly customizable for a number of applications.
Using a Cat Wheeled Excavator on Your Job Site

The beauty of the Cat wheeled excavator is its versatility. Between configurable features, attachments, and specialized modes, these machines are ideal for individualization. A wheeled excavator is a single piece of equipment that can complete tasks in numerous demanding industries such as construction, landscaping, mining, and forestry.

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Add a Cat wheeled excavator to your fleet for industry-leading versatility and mobility. When you purchase your excavator from a licensed Cat dealer, you gain access to benefits like reliable repairs and maintenance. Thompson Tractor Company is proud to serve Alabama and northwest Florida as your trusted Cat heavy equipment dealer.

At Thompson Tractor, we believe in the proven quality of Cat equipment. That's why we focus on creating partnerships with our clients, and we've been building those relationships for over 60 years. Contact us online or call us at 833-394-8059 today for a free quote on a new Cat wheeled excavator. If you prefer visiting a physical location, find a Thompson Tractor near you.

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