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Cat® Cold Planers for Sale

Tackle your next asphalt milling operation with a cold planer from Caterpillar. Asphalt milling machines deliver efficient performance and precise milling to get you the most out of your investment. With the Thompson Tractor team by your side, you'll get greater milling efficiency and expert support.

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Track Undercarriage and Wheel Undercarriage Cold Planers

We offer cold planers in two configurations for a variety of jobs:

  • Track undercarriage: Tracks perform well in rugged applications involving wet or loose surfaces like gravel or clay. They have added stability during operation that makes them suitable for slopes and uneven ground.
  • Wheel undercarriage: Wheels maneuver quickly on hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete. They suit jobs that involve moving from site to site in paved environments.

man working with a cold planer machineReasons to Buy a Cat Cold Planer

When you choose a Cat asphalt milling machine, you'll enjoy benefits that you can only get from Caterpillar. At Thompson Tractor, our engineering and client support focus on your needs to give you the best experience possible.

Smart Design and Features

Every Cat cold planer includes features to ensure:

  • Efficient performance: High-capacity cooling systems and automatic load sensing to maximize production while keeping the machine in ideal condition.
  • Cutting precision: Integrated grade and slope systems adjust the cutting process according to the machine's surroundings.
  • Operator comfort: Height-adjustable consoles, retractable handrails, and excellent lighting increase operator comfort and safety.
  • Ease of operation: Thanks to automatic traction control and four steering modes, a Cat cold planer's controls stay intuitive in challenging applications. The operator can also switch between rotor speeds during operation for faster output.
System K Rotors

Cat asphalt milling machines have signature System K rotors that deliver these advantages:

  • Efficient material flow and cutting pattern: The System K rotors' specialized design promotes efficient material flow and cutting in various situations.
  • Dual-taper retention design: A dual-taper retention design speeds up bit changes by keeping tool holders in place without retaining pins or bolts.
  • Wear and abrasion reduction: High-strength alloys and reversible paddles extend rotor life by reducing wear and abrasion.

The Thompson Tractor Advantage

We are here to serve your needs with services that include:

  • Expert client support: Before, during, and after the sale, our team will guide you through your machine's specifications and features. Contact us at any time for expert assistance with your cold planer.
  • Ongoing maintenance and service: Consider signing up for a Customer Support Agreement that includes the preventative maintenance, inspection, and monitoring solutions of your choice. You can also request service and maintenance from our technicians as needed.
  • Access to our global network: When you become one of our clients, you'll get access to help from thousands of Cat dealers around the world. Wherever you go, you'll find one of our partners ready to assist with your equipment.


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For more information about pricing and features of a new Cat cold planer, call us at 833-394-8059 or visit a dealer near you. We have multiple locations serving Alabama and Northern Florida.

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