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Property Management Equipment in Alabama & Florida


The Thompson Cat Rental Stores in Opelika and Pensacola are excited to announce our new Property Management line of products!

For the last six decades you have come to know and trust us as your local source for compact equipment needs as well as, complimentary allied products. We are expanding our products to better serve all of your equipment needs.

Whether you are a commercial landscaper or farmer or an individual with property to maintain we have the tools you need tackle any size job. Our complete line up of mowerstractors, blowers, utvs, and more will take your business or backyard to a whole new level.


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As your Cat dealer, we have always provided top quality equipment and our new Property Management equipment is no different. We carry respected brands such as Echo, Mahindra, Massey Ferguson*, Shindaiwa, Spartan, and Toro. In addition to expanded equipment choices, you will also benefit from our unmatched service and support. We are proud of the relationships that we have been building for more than 60 years.

So, come in or call one of our locations and we will help discuss your needs to make sure you have the correct equipment to get the job done. All of our equipment is backed by industry leading warranties and is serviced by our expert technicians.

There's no substitute for the right set of tools. At The Thompson Cat Rental Store, and we have the professional expertise to help you find the exact tools you need, no matter what jobs you have to get done. We're eager to introduce our new line of products intended for property management.

Our customers know the difference between shopping with The Thompson Cat Rental Store and going to a big-box chain store. The professional consultation with our knowledgeable and experienced team, unmatched level of personal service, as well as ongoing support from our team.

At The Thompson Cat Rental Stores in Opelika, Al, and Pensacola, Fl., you'll be able to speak with professionals in property management equipment who can provide you with the personal attention and input you need to make the right decision. Just tell us about the scale of your property and your tasks at hand, and we are here to help you with your equipment decisions. Since we're professionals who genuinely care about what we do, you can count on our ongoing support and commitment.

We have access to a whole host of products from the best brands, offered at great rates, so we're confident we can set you up with what you need.

The types of equipment we offer for property management include:

  • Farm tractors
  • Walk-behind mowers
  • Zero-turn mowers
  • Chainsaws
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Power blowers
  • Power edgers
  • Power pruners
  • Tillers/cultivators
  • Trimmers/brushcutters
  • Split-boom powerheads and attachments

Farm Tractors


Many of the products we offer to help property managers are pieces of handheld equipment. However, in some instances, you may find you need to perform larger-scale property management tasks. For example, when you first landscape a new property or redesign the landscaping at a property, you may need to plow an area or move soil, gravel, mulch or other materials. In these instances, a farm tractor is a huge help.

At The Thompson Cat Rental Store, you can find farm tractors from two of the biggest names in the industry: Mahindra and Massey Ferguson. Mahindra and Massey Ferguson tractors are the best in their class. They take advantage of cutting-edge innovations to deliver tractors that are comfortable to operate and get the job done efficiently. These tractors are available in a wide range of sizes and can work for a variety of applications, particularly when paired with the right attachments, which you'll also find available from The Thompson Cat Rental Store.

Walk-Behind Mowers 

You may tend to think of walk-behind mowers as a residential product fit for homeowners, but they can be excellent tools for commercial use as well. For smaller properties or properties where the lawn has heavily landscaped trees or other features, a walk-behind mower is an outstanding option to consider. These mowers allow you to have a high level of control for precise mowing.

The Thompson Cat Rental Store carries several of the best models of both residential and commercial walk-behind mowers from Toro, a manufacturer of outdoor equipment that has continued to innovate lawncare solutions for over a century. Each model offers various perks. For example, SMARTSTOW® options are designed to fold for more efficient storage, while models that feature Personal Pace® naturally adjust to your walking speed.

Zero-Turn Mowers 

For mowing larger lawns, a zero-turn mower, sometimes called a z-mower for short, is an efficient way to get the job done. Zero turns take their name from their nearly zero-degree turn radius, which allows you to mow around tree stumps, trunks or other obstacles in your path. These mowers give you the level of control and precision you need to have your property's lawn looking its best. It shouldn't take long, either, since zero-turn mowers help you cut grass more quickly than a typical riding mower.

The Thompson Cat Rental Store offers a wide selection of zero-turn mowers: a total of 14 from Toro and 9 from Spartan. These top-of-the-line mowers provide excellent performance and durability and are designed to be easy to operate so you can get the results you desire. With so many options to choose from, there's no need to feel overwhelmed — our professional team will consult with you and make sure you select the very best zero-turn mower for your property and your needs.

Chainsaws in Alabama & Florida

Chainsaws are necessary for any project that requires cutting through tree trunks and limbs, which is especially important if you have a dead tree or broken branch that presents a hazard. You want to be able to safely trim or fell the tree before it has a chance to fall on its own, potentially landing on a roof or, worse, injuring a resident. Once a tree or limb is safely down, you can use a chainsaw to cut it up into pieces you can easily take off the premises.

At The Thompson Cat Rental Store, we offer five different models of ECHO chainsaws. All the components of these chainsaws are professional-grade, giving you a tool you can rely on for years. One thing that sets ECHO chainsaws apart is that they're made to start up quickly and easily and to run smoothly, thanks to a high-performance, two-stroke engine along with a Pro-Fire® ignition system. ECHO chainsaws are also easier to control, since they vibrate with less intensity.

Hedge Trimmers

Bushes, topiaries and small, ornamental trees can add beautiful greenery to your property's landscape if they're well-maintained. When you need to shape or trim back shrubbery or thin tree limbs, hedge trimmers are the perfect tool. You could use more manual methods, like clippers or pruning shears, but electric hedge trimmers will help you get the job done more efficiently and won't wear out your arms.

The Thompson Cat Rental Store carries three different hedge trimmers to choose from, all of which are excellent options if you want a durable set of hedge trimmers that will get the job done well. Two of our models are ECHO hedge trimmers, which include valuable safety features and comfort perks like reduced vibration and padded handles. We also offer a double-sided blade hedge trimmer from Shindaiwa. The double-sided blades are nickel-plated for extra durability, and the hedge trimmer features an easy-to-grip rotating handle.

Power Blowers 

Power blowers are invaluable when you need to move debris off of yards, sidewalks, driveways or parking lots. Power blowers are often called leaf blowers because using them to move leaves is a common application, especially in the fall. During the spring and summer, blowers can help you remove grass clippings that may end up on sidewalks or other surfaces. No matter what type of debris is cluttering your property, a blower can help you move and consolidate it.

We offer an impressive lineup of power blowers from ECHO and Shindaiwa, all of which are easy to operate and deliver powerful performance. With features like padded backrests, comfortable controls and double-adjusting shoulder straps, both Shindaiwa and ECHO blowers are a breeze to operate and won't feel cumbersome. These power blowers are also durable and efficient, so you can get the job done fast. Choose from handheld or backpack models, depending on your preference.

Power Edgers

Power edgers dig into the dirt to remove grass and earth in a thin line, allowing you to make clean, crisp lines between sidewalks or driveways and the lawn. Edgers can also create sharp edges around mulched areas, flowerbeds or other landscape features. These neat edges can make the difference between a lawn that looks OK and one that looks professionally manicured. Some edgers feature a curved shaft which can make for smoother edging around curved areas, while straight-shaft edgers work great for edging alongside sidewalks and other straight pathways.

At The Thompson Cat Rental Store, we offer two options: a tried-and-true power edger model from ECHO and an impressive new model from Shindaiwa. Both options are designed to be easy to maneuver and to give you the commercial-grade power you need to cut through even the toughest turf. A shield enhances safety by blocking any debris the edger may throw off. With a professional-grade power edger, you can bring your landscaping to the next level.

Power Pruners


Pruning is a practice that keeps trees thinned out and healthy. Some people choose to prune trees manually with pruning shears and a ladder. However, shears can typically only cut through branches that are a quarter-inch thick or less. Therefore, if you're pruning back a larger tree, you need something heavy-duty to get the job done. That is where a power pruner comes in. It looks a bit like a miniature chainsaw blade on the end of a long pole.

We offer an excellent power pruner from ECHO that can reach 7'9" without an extension added. This lightweight power pruner will allow you to safely prune those limbs that would otherwise be hard to reach. It features a professional-grade two-stroke engine and handy features like a side access chain tensioning system. With this power pruner, you can safely and efficiently prune back trees as needed.


Tillers and cultivators are handy tools when you need to break up soil. Tilling refers to the initial time you break up packed soil. Once you've planted flowers or shrubbery in the tilled soil, you'll need to go back periodically and cultivate the earth to keep it aerated and to keep weeds from taking hold. Use a tiller/cultivator for both initial tilling and ongoing periodical cultivation.

The Thompson Cat Rental Store carries ECHO's tiller/cultivator, the TC-210. This tiller/cultivator is designed to dig 10-inch-deep furrows up to nine inches wide using four hardened-steel tines that come with a lifetime warranty. This tiller gets its power from a professional-grade, two-stroke engine and features a worm gear-type transmission. Whether you're tilling the ground for the first time or keeping it cultivated, the TC-210 will help you get the job done.

Trimmers/Brushcutters in Alabama & Florida


Trimmers or brushcutters are a must for any property manager. They're useful for trimming grass and weeds where your mower can't reach. For example, you may have tufts of grass or weeds that crop up around the edges of mulched areas, fence posts, trees or other places where your mower may leave a gap. If you don't use edgers along your sidewalks, you'll want to use trimmers to keep grass from creeping over the paved area. Brushcutters can sometimes even cut through more substantial plants, like small trees.

At The Thompson Cat Rental Store, we have you covered with options from ECHO and Shindaiwa for straight-shaft trimmers. All the models we carry are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to carry for easy operation, even if it's an all-day job. They may be lightweight, but they also feature heavy-duty commercial-grade components and a powerful engine.

Split-Boom Attachments in Alabama & Florida

Another option for smaller property management tools is to purchase a powerhead and then use various attachments to turn the powerhead into a particular tool designed for a specific job. The powerhead provides the engine and the foundation for the tool, and the attachment provides the customization. This split boom combination can be a valuable option if your property management is smaller-scale or if you don't want to invest in several different tools just yet.

At The Thompson Cat Rental Store, we offer a few different split-boom powerheads as well as several options for attachments, which includes power pruner, trimmer, tiller/cultivator and hedge trimmer attachments. By starting with one powerhead and swapping out these attachments, you'll be ready to tackle a variety of jobs.

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