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Types of Underground Hard Rock Equipment

At Thompson Tractor, we carry two types of heavy equipment for hard rock mining operations — loaders and trucks. These machines are essential to ensure maximum efficiency and safety for underground work.

Our Cat® Underground Mining Loaders for Sale

Mining loaders are one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need for your underground operations. At Thompson Tractor, we carry multiple models, including:

  • R2900G: This compact mining loader delivers optimal performance with a Cat® C15 engine and 409 horsepower. It has a 5.4-inch bore and a 6.8-inch stroke coupled with a payload capacity of 37,920 pounds.
  • R1700G: Another compact machine, the R1700G has a Cat C11 engine and 353 horsepower. The bore is 5.1 inches, while the stroke measures 5.5. The payload capacity for truck loading is 27,558 pounds.
  • R1300G: This mining loader has a Cat 3306B DITA engine and 165 horsepower. It provides a 4.75-inch bore, a 6-inch stroke, and a 14,991-pound payload capacity.
  • R3000H: This model has a Cat C15 engine and 409 horsepower, with a 5.4-inch bore and 6.8-inch stroke. The R3000H Cat underground mining loader yields a payload capacity of 44,092 pounds.

Cat Underground Mining Truck Models and Specifications

Articulated mining trucks are another useful tool when mining. Thompson Tractor carries several models, including:

  • AD30: The AD30 truck is a good choice for small mining operations. It has a Cat C15 engine and 409 horsepower. The bore is 5.4 inches, and the stroke is 6.8 inches. It has a payload capacity of 66,139 pounds.
  • AD45B: This model has a Cat C18 engine with 589 horsepower. There is a 5.7-inch bore and 7.2-inch stroke, along with a payload capacity of 99208 pounds.
  • AD45: This underground articulated truck also has a Cat C18 engine and boasts 599 horsepower, a bore of 5.7 inches, and a stroke of 7.2 inches.

Features of Our Underground Mining Loaders and Trucks

Cat underground mining loaders have numerous beneficial features available on multiple models. Some of these include:

  • Electrical: These models can come with auxiliary start receptacles, circuit breakers, and reversing alarms.
  • Operator environment: There are numerous gauges, electric horns, and indicator lights inside the cab.
  • Equipment: These models come with dump buckets, dual fuel tanks, fenders, and firewalls. Other options are available as well.

Mining trucks from Caterpillar also come with a rich feature set to further support productivity in underground work:

  • Electrical: These models can come with protective anticorrosion spray, engine shutdown switches, and a starting and charging system.
  • Operator environment: The cabs come with easy-to-read gauges and indicator lights, auto park brakes, and a telescopic steering wheel.
  • Equipment: These models can have cameras, fire suppression systems, and a secondary steering system.

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Though Thompson Tractor has locations across Alabama and northwest Florida, we're proud of our local roots, and we understand the unique needs of mining operations in the Southeast. As a full-service provider, we can help you in any capacity — whether you need to rent, buy, repair, or replace vital equipment.

Please contact us online today for more information or fill out a quote request form for pricing on our Cat underground trucks and loaders.

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